Maximise Potential

How to get the most out of your lessons


Be on time

Lessons are 30 minutes long, if you are ten minutes late your child would have missed a third of their lesson which will not only have a negative effect on your child’s progress but is also a waste of your hard earned money

Go to the toilet BEFORE your lesson begins

Vital learning time is missed by inconvenient toilet breaks. Ofcourse, when you need to go you need to go, but try and minimise the chance of missing a fun and dynamic warm up through prior preparation.

Goggles on.

The bane of every swim teacher’s life. Ensure you purchase a quality pair of goggles that are fully adjusted and on before the lesson begins to avoid wasting time and preventing progress.

Stay with the same teacher.

Trust is a fundamental part of the teacher/student relationship and it can be maximised by staying with the same teacher. Having a long term relationship will benefit your child as the teacher will get to know and understand your child and most importantly they will learn how to help your child reach their full potential.

Wear skin tight swimwear.

Three quarter-length trousers, baggy shorts and t-shirts all act as barriers to progression as they cause significant drag for even the best swimmer, let alone 5 year old Jonny who is just getting to grips with putting his face in the water. A streamlined pair of Zoggs or Speedos will go a long way to helping your child achieve their swimming goals.

Wear a swim cap.

It is compulsory at all Wings Swim School venues to wear a swim cap. Swim caps prevent pool contamination from hair products but more importantly save time tying up hair which again can be a barrier to progression.

Do your homework.

Swimming once a week will improve your stroke, but putting your skills into practice outside lessons will certainly help move your child up to the next level. Listen to their teacher’s advice and get your child to practice areas of improvement.

Water confidence first.

Before your child learns stroke development it is fundamental that they are confident in the water first. This means getting their face in the water and being at ease. A child that can swim 5 metres with their face in the water is better than a child that can swim 25 metres with their face out of it. Fact.

No food or drink 30 minutes before a lesson.

Crisps, chocolate bars and swim lessons do not go well together. Please refrain from feeding your children in the 30 minutes before their lesson as they will not have time to digest their food and may feel ill as a result. On the flipside of that, swimming can be physically demanding so nutrients and hydration immediately after lessons are definitely recommended.

Talk to us BEFORE OR AFTER lessons.

If you feel for whatever reason that your child is not progressing or if you have any issues please mention it to the supervisor after lessons have finished or call or email the office and we will find a solution. Teachers cannot give you their undivided attention when they are in the middle of a class.

I hope that these tips will help you and your child get the most out of their lessons at Wings Swim School.

Happy Swimming.