Swimming Stages Description

National Teaching Plan Level
Class Size*
ASA Badge Equivalent
Foundation10This class enables you to introduce your child to the pool. Fun and games with parents in the water. Critical time for your child to become water confident and get used to enjoying the pool. 3 - 18 monthsN/A
Ducklings10Happy with noodles/buoyancy aids. Run and games promoting water confidence and awareness. 18 months - 3 yearsDuckling 1 - 3
Ducklings3Swim with float/noodles Nervous swimmer who are using swimming aids. 3 - 4.5 yearsDuckling 4
Stage 13Children must be water confident, try and swim without aids and to be happy to put their face into the water.Water Skills 1
Stage 23Water confident but cannot swim any recognised strokes. Able to swim on front and back 5m minimum5M / Water Skills 2
Stage 33Basic recognisable strokes on front and back. Must be able to swim 10m on both.10M / Water Skills 3
Stage 43Confident in front crawl/backstroke and back crawl. This class is aimed at improving stamina and stroke development in preparation for lengths. Children must be able to swim 20m. 50M Badge
Stage 53Able to swim 40m comfortably on front and back. Technique in three major strokes to a fair standard. Confident in deep water.100M / Water Skills 4
Stage 63Good developed stroke coordination in the three main strokes. Able to swim 80-100m.200M / Water Skills 5
Stage 73Competent and strong in the three main strokes and basic understanding of butterfly. Good diving techniques. Able to swim 200-400m.600M / Water Skills 6
Stage 8/93Competent in all four strokes. Junior swimmers up to the age of 9 years. Preparing for 60 minute swim.800M Badge
Stage 103As above, 10 years plus, plus a 60 minute swimming lesson.1500M Badge